Staffing Outsourcing

Staffing Outsourcing

In today’s competitive business world, the costs of hiring, attrition and other recruitment and staffing expenses are a major drain on corporations. Our services can provide you with people who fit for your needs perfectly. We also help you manage your workforce such as promotion girls and boys, sales representative, customer service agents,…to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

In addition, we can relieve your company of the following administrative tasks:

  • Staff Recruiting
  • Labor Contracts
  • Payroll Management
  • Mediation in cases of conflicts between Staff and Employer
  • Staff Replacement or Termination.

You Will Enjoy the Benefits of:

  • Qualified candidate pool
  • Headcount limitation solution
  • Relief from stress over Staff Payroll & Legal Matters
  • Cost & Time – Saving in Recruiting and Management
  • Systematic Weekly/ Monthly/ Quarterly ad hoc Reports
  • Huge nationwide database of over 35,000 for all retail and FMCG frontline positions.
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