Retail Systems

Retail Systems

Retail Systems include Headcount Request Module, Sales Out Module, Payroll Module helping your managers have an overview of HC invested in each store/ channel/ province/month, that ease you to check and control the budget for HC investment. Otherwise, you can follow Human Capital’s performance in Recruiting process transparently.

Sales out module provides you with a versatile tool to track the traffic at each store, to check sales turnover each category, to evaluate the effectivity and productivity of your sales staffs, and to calculate sales incentives for Sales staffs also.

Payroll Module with an easy-to-use configuration can releases your managers from time-consuming with its integrated functions of recording working history, timesheet from GPS system, tracking contract and status, calculating salary and benefits, sending pay slip to employees.

How can our up-to-date Systems help your business?

  • Time & Cost Saving
  • Accuracy, Security, Timing
  • Strictest Confidentiality
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annually Reports and Analysis.
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